Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big News For 2014 - The New Training Plan

Next year I'll be starting a new training program.  After a good solid base over the winter months in the traditional style (with a little CX thrown in on the SS), around the middle of March I'm going to be changing it up a bit.  The modified plan is going to likely consist of less sleep, more caffeine, and less riding time.  The exact details are still being worked out and it's going to be a very "fluid" process I'm sure.  Yeah, you might be thinking... "That doesn't sound like a very good program."  Well I'm very excited for it because of the new addition I'll have to my "pit crew" and cheering section.  Let me introduce you...

There's definitely going to be some new equipment involved as well.  And eventually some new wheel sizes... but they probably won't fit me as perfectly as my 29ers.

But having another person waiting for me at the end of a race is going to give me even more motivation to get there fast.  And we're so stoked!