I love to ride bikes and I really enjoy sharing that passion with others through coaching.  Whether its helping a beginning rider get set up on their bike correctly and learn the core skills to clear small obstacles, corner confidently and safely ride the dirt; or advising an experienced rider on race strategy, training schedules, nutrition, and squeaking more speed out of the bike.  If you're looking to improve your MTB experience I would love to work with you and come up with the best plan, clinic or skills session to fit your needs.

I don't have a "menu" of services because I don't want to limit you to certain criteria.  I'll be as creative and flexible as I can, both with curriculum and price so that it will work for both parties.  But here are some of the things I'm thinking of:

  • Skill building sessions.  Either 1 on 1 or small groups.  
    • Get to know your bike:  Proper fit and equipment check.  How to maintain it yourself.  Learn suspension basics and how to tune for the trail and get the most out of your bike.
    • Skill drills to focus on your weaknesses and/or fears.
    • Body position and pedaling technique.
    • Trail ride tailored to your ability and coaching need.
  • Breaking into racing (your buddies in group rides or with a number plate on)
    • Discussion:
      • Understanding categories, race formats and structure, and what to expect.  Where do you fall in?
      • Pre-race and in-race fueling advice
      • Basic training schedule advice
      • Race strategy
    • Action:
      • Picking the right bike for the course, and setting it up to get the most speed.
      • Trail ride with coaching specific to your skill and need.  How to pick the right line, passing, etc.
  • Advanced training and/or racing plans
    • Tailored specific to your needs.  Whether that's to loose weight and have a sustainable active lifestyle or  to get the most out of your available time with a customized training schedule and racing plan.  
Those are just some ideas of how I can help you become a better rider.  But I've never limited myself in the past, so there's no reason I'm limiting myself by this list.  If there's something you want to work on that I haven't posted here please ask!  

I am not a professionally certified coach or nutritionist.  All of my coaching is based on my experience and educated opinion as a professional mountain bike racer and all the research and training that has gotten me where I am today.  

If you're interested please contact me via email through the "Contact Me" link on the right of this page.  Let me know what your interests and needs are and we'll figure out a customized plan and price to suit them.  

I believe there is only one person I cannot coach, and that is my wife Jen.  :-)